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"Welcome to our home" - Momma Bear

Welcome to my Tipi.  I am Eddie Little Bear.  I am not an Indian by blood, but most folks say I spend so much time with the Indians that I might as well be one.  I take that as a compliment.  I make my living hunting, trapping, and trading with both the Indians and white settlers alike.  I've traveled over quite a bit of this country of ours and met some interesting people along the way.  Feel free to pull up a patch of ground here by the fire and I'll tell you all about it.



To all my friends,

I apologize for not keeping my site current.  This past year I had to cut back on all my activities due to health reasons.  However, the problem has been found and (hopefully) fixed.  So, after a little rehab, I should be able to return to all my old activities.  I have begun to update the Events section and I plan to do a little more each day until it is current and complete.  In addition, my host has updated their software and I plan to add a blog just as soon as I figure how they want me to do it (every host is just a little different you know).  So bear with me (no pun intended) over the next month or so until I get back up to full speed.

Whenever you're ready, just click on the sections below to explore the rest of my Tipi. 

When you're finished with a section, look for "Return to Index" at the bottom of the page to come right back here.


For more information, please feel free to E-mail me Eddie Little Bear's Tipi (elb@elbtipi.com)


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Thanks for stoppin' by.  Come back visit me again real soon.

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