Eddie Little Bear's Tall Tales

As I've said, I am a storyteller. And I'll be using this page to tell some of my all time favorite stories. Some of them will be taken from old Legends and Folklore, some of them may be classic Fairy Tales (told in Mountain Man style) and some of them will come from my own imagination. As to which is which, well maybe some times I'll tell you and sometimes I'll let you guess for yourself.

For the first one, I suppose I'll tell you is an old Native American Legend, which is supposed to be true. It's kind of a long one, so you probably want to get comfortable before you start. This one is called Little Mouse.


Next, I guess maybe I should explain how I got the name Eddie Little Bear in the first place. I was born and raised on a farm in Kentucky, right on the banks of the Ohio river. But my Grandaddy had been a Voyegeur and then a Free Trapper. I cut my teeth on his tales of the adventures he'd had as a trapper and I decided at an early age I wasn't going to spend my life scratching dirt. I wanted to be a trapper, like my Grandaddy - who I was named after, by the way. As soon as I was old enough, I hitched a ride on a flatboat headed for St. Louis. I worked cargo for a couple of years to build myself up a stake. And then I headed up to the Northwoods to try my hand at trapping. That's where I first met . . . Oh, heck, why don't ya just go and read the story of how Eddie Little Bear got his name.


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