Eddie Little Bear's Poetry Corner

As I said, Eddie Little Bear is a poet. But, for reasons too personal to go into here, I sign all of my poetry with the pseudonym of "CC". You are free to guess, but I doubt that you will ever figure it out.

As is typical of many poets, most of my poetry is born of pain, either my own or the shared pain of a friend. For you see, when the world is bright and beautiful, one doesn't need to find the solace that only quill and parchment can provide.

Here is but a small sampling of my poetry. I hope you enjoy them. Oh and, just for the record, these poems are protected under the Copyright laws of The United States (as is all of the original writing that you will find on this Website).



A Flower of Spring

She came into my life,

like a flower of spring.

An auburn haired imp,

with dark and mysterious eyes.

Her smile lights up the sky,

like a thousand twinkling stars.

And a laugh so light and free,

it's the song of a morning dove.


But, like a flower of spring,

I fear she will too soon be gone.

Even though I will have my memories,

I shall miss having her near.

The warm, soft touch of her hand,

and the blush upon her cheek.

To make her laugh when I can,

to cry with her when I cannot.


And although we are not lovers,

I feel as close as if we were.

For we have shared the intimacies of hopes,

and of dreams that lovers sometimes share.

Had we met at another time, perhaps,

we may not have been so chaste and pure.

But I will always remember my flower of spring,

with warmth and friendship . . . and love.


for Millie

 by CC

Copyright 2/90

Winter Fire


The winter's wind blows cold tonight,

the summer's sun long gone.

Somewhere a fire warms the night,

while candles warm the heart.


A candle burns bright in a window,

to call her warrior home.

The children sleep upon their beds,

while his lady waits alone.


On through the cold, forbidding night,

on through the darkening gloom.

To where my love does wait for me,

with heart and hearth and home.


The winter's wind blows cold tonight,

the summer's sun long gone.

But here a fire warms the night

and candles warm their hearts.


For Sarah

by CC

Copyright 3/92



She had the face of an angel

and the carriage of a high born lady

The curly top childhood sweetheart

and the shy smile of a little girl


But the beguiling glint in her eyes

and her captivating little giggle

betrayed the thoughts of a woman full grown


Her family thought her sweet and innocent

Her friends thought her crafty and cunning

But I thought her young and inexperienced

in the treacherous ways of the world


Although she may have sampled

some of the sinful pleasures of life

she was still but a lamb amid the wolves


Some would try to protect her innocence

Some would try to shield her mind

But I would like to teach her to protect herself

And teach her to shield her heart


She had the face of an angel

the smile of a child

and the eyes of a woman grown


by CC

Copyright 3/94

The Dark Side


Your life, you say, is boring

and all the thrill is faded

You're looking to the Dark Side

because you're feeling jaded


Your family waits and wonders

where you'll go tonight

You're headed for the Dark Side

They hope you'll be alright


Home and love and family

can't make your blood run wild

But something on the Dark Side

should feed your "inner child"


You say it's just for kicks

you say it's only play

But the demons of the Dark Side

will try and make you stay


Not to worry, you smile and say

the demons won't get you

But trapped upon the Dark Side

are many who thought so, too


by CC

Copyright 10/94



Uncertainty, it's in us all

Uncertainty, it makes us crawl

Uncertainty, it fogs our brains

Uncertainty, it hurts us all


It trembles brave men's heart

When it whispers "Is your Lover true?"

It clouds strong women's minds

When it whispers "Is this all to life?"


It will never go away

It will haunt you everyday

If you let it

If you listen to it


Sometimes it comes

disguised as a friend

with words of comfort

hiding it's bitter taste


Sometimes it comes

on a lonely night

disguising it's corruption

in an erotic fantasy


It will never go away

It will haunt you everyday

If you let it

If you listen to it


Uncertainty fills our lives

with a lot of "What ifs?"

and it won't let us enjoy

all of our "What is!"


Tomorrow's dreams

are tough enough

Don't let Uncertainty

destroy all of your today's


It will never go away

It will haunt you everyday

If you let it

If you listen to it


by CC

Copyright 10/94


Will O' the Wisp


It was there again tonight

But no one else ever seemed to see it

It had been around more often lately

And it seemed harder to resist

Why couldn't anyone else feel it


Sometimes she chased it around the lawn

A few times she'd followed it into the neighbors yards

And once, late at night, while everyone was asleep

She'd snuck out and chased it all the way to the edge of the wood

But her courage failed her and she quickly went back home


Once she'd told her Father about it

But he just laughed and tousled her hair

"It's a Will O' the Wisp" he'd said "Pay it no mind."

She told her Mother, but she just nodded as she went about her chores

No one understood that it called to her while she was alone at night


Then one night it came again, stronger than ever before

"Tonight!" she said "Tonight will be the night!"

She'd follow that Will O' the Wisp, no matter where it led

And then she would find out where it lived

And then she would find out why it called


She waited till the house was quiet and all were fast asleep

Then she snuck out into the yard and waited in the dark

She knew it would be here tonight, she could already feel it's call

And then it appeared there in the yard, much brighter than before

So she followed it down the lane and into the deepening night

It led her out, down to the wood, just as it did before

And there she stopped, this little girl, and shivered in the night

She turned her head back up the lane, back towards her home and bed

Her Fathers kiss. her Mothers arms, and the baby's funny face

But the Wisp grew strong and called to her and pushed away her thoughts


Deep into the woods she followed it, always just out of reach

As it's light grew brighter, it's call stronger, she soon began to run

Though branches scratched her face and brambles tore her skin

Faster she went, into the confusion, she couldn't stop herself

She had to catch the Will O' the Wisp, no matter what the cost


Then suddenly the Wisp came to rest and she reached out with glee

But as she touched it, the ground below her feet gave way

And the Will O' the Wisp moved out of reach as she sank into the bog

The little girl screamed out for help, but there was no one left to hear

Except the Wisp that led her here, just to watch her breathe her last


The morning comes, the house awakes, their little girl is gone

The Mother screams, the Father cries, the baby lies alone

The neighbors all help search the house and buildings all around

Then fear did grow as a searcher called "There's footprints in the woods"

So the searchers went and followed the trail that ended at the bog


And now the Wisp sleeps through the day, satiated from his prey

But tonight, again, it will go out, to search the towns and fields

And call again to some little girl, just to satisfy it's lust

So take heed my friend and learn from this, before it is too late

Always listen when your little girl says she's seen a Will O' the Wisp


for Sherri

 by CC

Copyright 10/94


Web of Lies


A little exaggeration here,

a little story there.

A little white lie could

never hurt anyone.


But they gathered

and they grew,

like a spiders web,

till truth was finally lost.


Now you will discover

it's web has snared you too.

Forever caught you'll be,

stuck to your own lies.


And once the brand of "Liar"

is marked upon your head

no family, friend or lover

will ever trust you again.


The truth, they do say,

always will come out.

But sometimes all the lies

make it hard to know.


A story too often told

takes on a life of it's own.

The first casualty of deceit

is always those you love.


One day soon you'll find

the person that you love

believes your biggest lie

is "I Love You".


For Sherri

 by CC

Copyright 11/94

Tomorrow Never Tells


Yesterday's pains are only a memory

And today is the challenge we must deal with

But tomorrow is only a dream and a hope

and tomorrow never tells what it might bring


We cannot waste today's precious minutes

dwelling on the things that happened in the past

They cannot be changed, taken back or forgotten

They can only be forgiven with love and faith and time


But none can know what will happen tomorrow

Not Gypsy, nor Witch, nor Crystal Ball Reader

So don't ever say what was will never be again

We can only hope for the happiness to return


Just enjoy the dreams and hold on to the hope

And let tomorrow be whatever it will be

The future is a mystery to every one of us

and tomorrow never tells what it might bring


by CC

Copyright 11/94

Little Girl Lost


Little girl lost

playing a big girl's game

Running into the night

trying to hide your shame


Who could've hurt you so badly

that you won't trust even your own love

I wish I could've changed

this hawk inside you into a dove


Little girl lost

playing a big girl's game

Running into the night

trying to hide your shame


You think there's a dagger in a helping hand

and a demon behind everyone's smiles

But when you're running from yourself

the distance isn't measured in miles


Little girl lost

playing a big girl's game

Running into the night

trying to hide your shame


by CC

Copyright 11/94



My world was cold and dark

until you came into my life

Your smile lit up my heart

as the day lights up the night


You opened your heart in friendship

and gave me a little cheer

You spoke the harsh words of truth

as well as kind words of hope


And though I can never repay you

for the beautiful things you've done

I hope someday I'll have the chance

to be as good a friend for someone else

as you have been for me


 for Kristy

by CC

Copyright 11/94

Demons of the Night


You're all alone tonight,

there's no one else around.

It's cold and dark outside

and you hear that certain sound.


You tried to run, you tried to hide,

you thought you were finally sure.

But it doesn't matter where you go,

because running is not the cure.


Your breath is coming short

and your heartbeat shows your fright.

Because you know what's out there,

it's the Demons of the Night!


You surround yourself all night

with people who don't know.

Hoping each time that this time

the creatures won't dare to show.


All your friends and lovers

can't make them go away.

They're your Demons after all

and you know they're here to stay.


They've been after you

for oh so many years.

They know all of your faults,

and they know all of your fears.


Your breath is coming short

and your heartbeat shows your fright.

Because you know what's out there,

it's the Demons of the Night!


And you know all of these Demons

from the big ones to the small.

Because the Demon in the mirror

is the leader of them all.


by CC

Copyright 11/94

Cry for Those


Cry for those not fulfilled

The needs, the wants, the desires

The life they can never have


Cry for those which have lost

The love, the home, the family

The past they can never forget


Cry for those who are alone

The pain, the fear, the emptiness

The chains they can never break


Cry for those yet unborn

The hopes, the dreams, the wishes

The child they can never know


Cry for those that will not cry for themselves


by CC

Copyright 11/94



"I love you" she said

with a gleam in her eye

But it wasn't the glow of love

it was something quite sly


"I love you" she said

and the words sounded nice

Though he knew love can't grow

in a heart full of ice


"I love you" she said

as she plunged the knife deep into his heart

She'd just been using him

he'd known it from the start


"I love you" he said

as he entered Heaven's gate

And she wept bitter tears

for she'd found True Love too late


by CC

Copyright 11/94



She sits silent and so very alone.

She wishes she could go back home.

A single tear runs down her cheek.

But her pride won't let her speak.


She left her friends and family.

A new life she wanted to live happily.

But it was only a subversive dream.

She is so lonely she wants to scream.


She cannot admit she made a mistake.

She cannot admit her hopes were fake.

She tells her friends she's having fun.

She can't let them know she's on the run.


Her family waits, just for her call.

They want her back, one and all.

Her mistakes they would forgive.

And as a family, again they'd live.


But she sits silent and so very alone.

She wishes she could go back home.

A single tear runs down her cheek.

And her pride won't let her speak.


by CC

Copyright 12/94

Last Verse


The last lines have been spoken

The last of the audience has gone

Reluctantly, the play has ended

The actors must now move on


The last songs have been sung

The last of the fans have left

Reluctantly, the concert has ended

The singers must now move on



The last verse has been written

The last of the tears have been shed

Reluctantly, the love has ended

The poet must now move on


by CC

Copyright 12/94

Prison of the Mind


A beautiful young girl sits all alone

in a prison of her own design


It doesn't have high walls of stone

No locked doors and bars of iron

Nor guards to keep her there


Yet alone she sits in her prison cell

And wishes that she were free


The walls are made from her own pride

The doors and bars from her anxiety

The guards are just her own uncertainty


A beautiful young girl sits all alone

in the prison of her own mind


by CC

Copyright 2/95



I wandered along in my life

Blissfully unaware of a storm on the horizon

My days filled with happiness

My nights filled with passion


Then one day my world came to an end

All that I had know and all that I had loved

Had been violently torn from me

And I sank into the chasm of despair


As I sat there in the darkness

A small shimmering light began to seek me

And fair voices called me from afar

Then a multitude of hands began to lift me


It was a human chain of friends

Come to raise me from the darkness

To clear my head and heal my heart and soul

And to wash away my tears


Their own troubles they put aside

For a friend longing for comfort

Their own needs left behind

Because a friend needed them more


None of them could replace what was lost

Nor would they want to try

But any would give their warmth and love

To a friend in pain and fear


I will, someday, heal and be whole again

And maybe I'll even forget the pain

But one thing I will never forget

Are the friends who lifted me


For P.J., Tina, Su

Cheryl, Shannon, Jan,

Bud, Jerry, Steve

And, especially, for Sarah

 by CC

Copyright 3/95

The Little Princess


Sitting, day by day, in her ivory tower

The Little Princess waited

Sitting, hour by hour, upon her golden throne

The Little Princess wondered

Sitting, minute by minute, with her gown of white

The Little Princess worried


And the Little Princes came, from Kingdoms large and small

And the Little Princes came, the short ones and the tall

And the Little Princes came, to woo her with their charms

And the Little Princes came, wanting her in their arms


But the Little Princes waited

For the right Little Prince, whose heart was true

But the Little Princess wondered

If the right Little Prince would hear her hearts call

But the little Princess worried

That the right Little Prince might never come at all


Then one night a Little Prince came to call

He offered her his heart, he offered her it all

Her heart cried out "This must be right"

And she gave herself to him without a fight


In the morning, the Prince was gone

And the Little Princess waited for his return

Another day passed, but still he didn't arrive

And the Little Princess wondered why there was no word

She sent a message of her own, but there was no reply

And the Little Princess worried that she had been wrong



She sits alone, now upon the stair

Her ivory tower seems cold and bare

Her golden throne is tarnished too

Her pretty white gown is no longer new


But fear not Little Princess, to look and see the truth

For an ivory tower keeps out many you might want in

And take heart Little Princess and heed these words

For a tarnished throne will make you seem mortal

And cry not Little Princess for what you have lost

For a gown of white does not make you a better you


And always remember this lesson to you

Just as a scoundrel may seem like a prince that is true

A true prince might appear to be a scoundrel, too


For Liz

 by CC

Copyright 6/95

Things Untried


With the curly top

of a little girl

and her Angelic smile

she's the picture of

childlike innocence


But her dark

and mysterious eyes

reveal the spirit of a Gypsy

and the flame of passion

that burns deep within her soul


But with only the experiences

of childhood to guide her

the yearnings of womanhood

create a curiosity for her

which fuels the fires inside


The questions in her breast

cannot be answered by the wise

for her the only way

to quench her burning desires

is to live life to the fullest

and regret only those things untried


for Monica

 by CC

Copyright 8/95

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